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12.09.2022 BA - Campo Grande
Arriving from BA in Campo Grande at 19.00. I felt tired from the airports all day. Also very sad having to say goodbye to everyone.

Checked in the hotel which had a jacuzzi in the room. Only had an icecream at night. It was about 30 degrees.. after the snow.. I needed time to adjust.

13.09.2022 Campo Grande
I walked around the city center for a bit. There are almost no people around!! Wow... This is odd. I am getting a weird feeling that this place is not what I thought it would be.

14.09.2022 Campo Grande
Time to check out and go to the bungalow I rented (Ninho do Canarinho) . The bungalow is very nice. A good garden where you just sit and work.
I walked around the neighborhood. Even quieter... This part of the city doesn't have much stores. This area is not designed for tourists.

15.09.2022 Campo Grande
Today I did not do anything. Getting the photos on the computer. Do some writing. I knew in advance that I was staying in one place for a long time. I thought that CG had some good daytrips into the Amazon. It does not. In a few days I will go on a group trip to see it anyway.

In the afternoon I was checking my calendar. After the group trip I have about a week where I have nothing planned. Not even a place to stay.
I know one thing.. I am not staying in Campo Grande. Man it is boring here.

By the time it was evening I had booked the flights and hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Yes another city. But I know in that place there is more to do.

16.09.2022 Campo Grande
I went to a shopping mall (30 minute walk). The shopping mall is pretty new. What struck me was that there was almost nobody around.
In the afternoon I did the rest of the blogs. I have been putting them off. It takes more time to write them than I would have guessed.

Tonight I am having diner with Juliana. I met her online. I need the meet people one way or another :) We went to the Old Sheep. A combination of a restaurant and live music.

17.09.2022 Campo Grande.
Off to Mount Morro. Yes.. with Juliana.

It was a nice little hike. Nothing special. A decent mountain, some waterholes and a sunset.

In the evening we went to the local marketplace. Here you can get some different kind of food.

18.09.2022 - 19.09.2022 Campo Grande
Okay, so my legs were completely destroyed by the mosquitoes.. I needed to go the local drug store for creams and repellent... The blisters were immense.


20.09.2022 Campo grande - Corumbá
At 12.00 I had the transfer to Corumbá to see a part of the pantanal.

I arrived at the pick up point which was an hotel. No clear signs on where to be. The reception did not know either. There was a group of English. Apparently they were heading the same way. Then their pick up showed up and took them onward. I had to wait for mine.

30 minutes later my pick up arrived. To our mutual surprise the Englishmen were also in that bus. Great confusing.. ow well.

About 5 hours later we arrived at the lodge. Checking in, dipping in the pool, dinner and done for the day.


21.09.2022 Corumbá
So mornings here start early. Breakfast is between 06.30 and 07.30…

Morning trip 07.30
We got on the boats. We were with about 20 people. Big group. The boats took us on the river. There was some wildlife, birds, cay-mans, capibara’s. Our guide was very quiet and did not tell anything. A shame..

Floating 15.30
So okay, the scene: the Miranda river has cay-mans and piranhas… temperature is about 36 degrees.. on the boats we went and after half an hour we were told to jump in and go with the current back to the lodge.. “stay in the middle and you will be fine. Nobody has been attacked during this.”

Words of comfort you want to hear… Ow well… warm weather, nice water and swimming… all you need.


Night trip 17.30
During the sunset we went on the river again. Just a small group of 6 this time in the boat. Still very warm, only this time with the boat going faster so we had a breeze going on. Only 2 other boats were on the river, so nice and quiet. Skipping over the water. Warm winds. What a feeling..

It gets dark very fast in these parts. During the twilight the bugs come out. But also the bats who hunts them. Seeing these creatures darting over the water, chasing the bugs.. some birds joined in.. on the banks of river the firefly's in the bushes.

What a beautiful spectacle of nature to behold.

As soon as it was completely dark, the guide took out the searchlight. Now we could see the red eyes of the cay-mans. And there were more than enough of them.. adults and baby’s. We were hoping the spot the elusive green eyes. The jaguar! Sadly we did not see these eyes..

After an hour is was time to turn around, back to the lodge.


22.09.2022 Corumbá
Horse back 07.30
Back on the horse again woohoo! Ow wait, first there was a drive on a dirt road for an hour. Back breaking..

The horses were more playful this time. Going through the wetland. They even galloped sometimes. I say wetlands but it is the end of the dry season.. so not really wetlands.. still it was nice to be on a horse again.

Canoeing 15.30
The weather was not that great this day.. so I guess that’s why there were only 5 of us going. The 3 Englishmen and an English woman (and me!). Since we had an odd number, I got in with one of the Englishmen. The remaining two got in with the lady.

The canoes.. these things are unstable.. but we had a nice rhythm going. Just 2 canoes on the river.. this was nice. We got to paddle for a good while. We went downstream so we had a good speed. After what seemed like hours, it was time again to turn around. The boat was waiting for us to take us upstream.

On the way back we got to see some otters. Funny creatures.

23.09.2022 Corumbá - Campo Grande
Last morning here. This time we had the jungle trekking. I wish I could tell a lot of what we saw. Truth is: there just was not much to see. It is the dry season so the area is very barren. So we walked through the bush, saw a couple of birds, an anteater.



We were back at 12.00. Some lunch and back to Campo Grande. Our transfer at 15.00 was in a big hurry.. bouncing around in the bus.

At 21.00 I finally got back. The last bit of the transfer back got weird. The english lady (Liv) was also going the the bus stop. Only when we got in the downtown area, Liv was taken in a different car. Mind you, there was no warning. So we were a bit confused and looking at each other "what is going on??". Apparently on of the guides arranged it that Liv could make her bus connection. So all is well.

Best thing:
I got mail from the Netherlands. One of my dearest friends could not make it to the airport when I left. So she send a gift to Brazil.
And it arrived!!

24.09.2022 Campo Grande
All day of doing nothing. I was broken from the bus trip.
I had dinner with Julianna. We went to Marachuria. A popular place with a nice live singer.

25.09.2022 Campo Grande - Rio de Janeiro
In the morning with Juliana for coffee. Later she brought me to the airport. I was sad to say farewell to her.

Now on the plane to Rio de Janeiro with a layover in Sao Paolo. Short flight of each one hour, 1 hour layover and 1 hour time difference.

Rio de Janeiro is a big change from Campo Grande… no surprise here. After 2 weeks of being there the place began to grow on me. Someone asked me: is Campo Grande a place where you could settle? Well maybe. Funny since I believed that this place was a dead city when I first got here.

26.09.2022 Rio de Janeiro
Time for the Copacabana. First up: laundry.. I can’t keep cleaning cloths in the shower by hand. It works for a quick cleaning but it is just not the same. Or I am doing it wrong.

Laundry done and time for an errand. Harley Davidson shirts. As usual the place is in the middle of nowhere. I found a small shop. But at least Pieter will be happy.

Next stop: the beach. I heard so much about this beach! The weather is not that great. Only 24 degree and it a Monday. Not many people are here at the moment. Still the beach and the ocean are great. The beach is divided in segments. Each with there own bar and chairs. Nice touch. Maybe later I will go for a swim.

After lunch I really needed a cigar. I ended up at Esch bar. A very nice place. The waiters are wearing these cool hats. It seems all the people know each other. A homely feeling. An English speaking lady helped me out. Still don’t understand a word of Portuguese. The music is relaxing. People just chatting away.

27.09.2022 Rio de Janeiro
This morning I got I message that the delta flying was cancelled… so change of plans.

I went to the aquarium. I believed that I could spend an hour or two there. This one has one big exhibition. A huge water tank with lots of animals. The real downside was that after 20 minutes I was through the entire thing… so an extra plan..

I am not really into the tourist things. So visiting Christ the Redeemer was not on my list. But when in Rio.. I went anyway. Uber to the train station and going up with the cable carts. I was thinking on going on the hike. Only reading up on it, it seemed like a difficult hike. Apparently it was hard even for experienced hikers. Well I am not so I stuck with the cable cart. There were not a lot of people so I could walk up pretty fast. It has a nice view. Got my instagram photo and after 15 minutes I got a Uber again.

Picked up my laundry.. time for? A nice cigar. I spend it at Tabaco em Cia. I was the only guest there so I got the change to talk with the owner. Just image Humphrey Bogart… with a few cigars we had a very nice time.

28.09.2022 Rio de Janeiro
Time for ….. delta flying ? Nope.

So at 07.00 my phone rang.. a Brazilian number.. weird. It was my tour guide Lucimer. And he was excited!! Myself: I was only awake for 1 minute… Since it was raining and I was the only one going on the city tour I had options to go on a different time. So I choose 14.00. I had hopes that the flying could still happen.. At 08.00 I got a message from the flying company.. it was a no go.. not really a surprise. I was thinking to call Lucimer to change the time for the tour, but the bed was too comfortable.

Lucimer encouraged me to take the subways. He said it was easy and safe. At 12.30 it was time to find out. The station is only a block away. Found a ticket machine. To my luck it had an English option! The system works with a prepaid card. So that was easy. I used to app Moovit to find out which platform and where my destination was. If found out about this app at a convention. It has all the public transportation schedules of the world. So that made it easy.

I met Lucimer at the library. He was old military and I was the only one. Together we went through the old part of the city in the pouring rain. We got barely stop anywhere because of the rain, so we basically sprinted around the city. Don't get me wrong this was fun!!

After getting dry and warm, it was time of cigars.


29.09.2022 Rio de Janeiro
Last day in Rio de Janeiro. Sad... I could have stayed here much longer. It was raining again and I did not want to get wet again and risking getting sick. So a relaxing day.

30.09.2022 Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paolo
Plane to Sao Paolo... Getting ready for the big flight to Sydney.A quick dinner here in Sao Paolo. The only reason I am here now, is not to have so many flights tomorrow.

01.10.2022 Sao Paolo - Santiago (Chile) - Sydney
This flight I am dreading... In Sao Paolo I really wanted to get an upgrade to business class. Latam works with a bidding systems and lets you know 2 hours before boarding.. Not really convenient. So I asked at the check in. They referred me to the ticket desk. Waiting there for an hour, they told me I need to do this at the check in... Frustration is building at this moment.

Back at the check in: this lady did not speak English. Is it just me, or do more people believe that if you work at an airport you should speak english?
But the business class was completely booked. So that is a no go. Then they were kind enough to tell me that my bag was oversized. Image that!!! After about 12 flight, all of the sudden my bag is oversized? I started complaining, but I would not matter. So off to the next check in. Dropped of the bag and go through security.

First flight: Sao Paolo to Santiago: 4 hours
Lay over: 4 hours
Second flight: Santiago to Auckland (NZ) 12 hours
Lay over: 3 hours
Third flight: Auckland to Sydney 4 hours.

Time difference 14 hours..

Yeah.. needless to say: I am *******..

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