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06.09 Pucon- Bariloche
Travel day. Checking out of Chile and on to Argentina. This means about 10 hours in a bus…

We got on a public bus for the border crossing. I still don’t know what happened here but it took 2,5 hours. Somebody’s papers were not in order. Just how? All you needed was a passport and this immigration slip they gave you upon entering the country. Here is not much to tell except watching the snow melt.

On the other side was Argentina. This crossing was fluent. Except that they needed your email for the immigration.

Weird thing about Argentina:
You have what they call the blue rate for exchanging currency. Very important to know. Banks give you the official rate. On the street you have the blue rate. With this blue rate you get almost double when exchanging! Apparently also the bank fees are higher. So you have to get euros/dollars in a different country and than exchange them in Argentina. I did not bring enough Chilean peso or dollars to last the week. Some searching on the internet: you can use Western Union as well to get the good rate. After 7 hours still waiting on this wire transfer… I hope it will work.

At 17.30 still in the bus. We are behind schedule at the moment…
At 19.30 we arrived in San Martin. Finally!!! First lake Lacar. If you thought the drive was over, nope. Still have an 3 hour drive ahead.

A pity it was dark. It is a Lake District. What I could see, just gorgeous. We drove through a town where the family of Maxima owns a lot of real estate.

07.09 Bariloche
After the dreadful day of driving, I still felt a bit tired. That sound of the engine.. ow well part of traveling.

In the morning we set out to go horseback riding in the mountains. This also meant going on a bus again. Was about an hour, so not that bad.

It was a proper ranch surrounded by the mountains. It was cold and windy. A bit of snow to go with it. You get the picture. The ride itself was so nice though. Going through the countryside, in a valley with the mountains covered in snow. A couple of dogs following us and playing in bushes. Trying to catch some birds. I could swear that the dogs were smiling. They looked so happy. The horses where very tame. Really trained to follow one another. Getting my horse to go somewhere different took an effort.

After the ride we had the bbq. My god! After the cold going in the hall with the fire going and seeing that meat on there. Heaven!
And yes, it tasted as good as it looked.

We got back into town later in the afternoon. Since we arrived late last night we went on a small orientation of the town. To describe Bariloche: just imagine every skiing village. A lot of German / Austrian buildings and names.

Great thing about this town: my hotel room had floor heating. With temperatures around 5 degree and winds: this was very welcome.

08.09 Bariloche
Around 10.00 I went with Michael and Cressida to walk around town. We didn’t feel like going skiing or on another city tour by bus. Out came google maps and off we went. It was nice to have a break from the group. Not that I mind them or so. A bit of quiet time and relaxing was what we needed. Bariloche is famous for its chocolate. I did not buy any. Only some hot chocolate. That is what you do on a ski holiday.

By the time we got back, I was so cold!! Glad to be back in the room. Ow yeah.. laundry pickup…

To be honest: I could have skipped this last few days in Patagonia. We visited the cities. I am more interested in the countryside. The cities are nice enough, but not so much culture to go with it. I guess the changes in CEO and losing some original group member did not help. It feels a bit off.

09.09.2022 Bariloche - Buenos Aires
Travelday: by plane to BA…

Tonight I am going to a tango show. Never in been to one. High hopes for this. After lunch I just relaxed since the show and diner starts at 20.00.

The show was amazing! It told the story of how the tango started to how it is now. The dancers showed the different styles and the clothes. How they did not fall of the stage is a mystery to me.

In the morning I had nothing planned. Time to sleep late and relax a bit.

In the afternoon we went on the city tour. This took us through various neighborhoods. BA is big and there a some dangerous zones. So a short orientation of the city is advised. It is great so see the differences of each neighborhoods. The tour itself was done in a hurry to cover everything. The cemetery is a must see. The crypts are amazing.

At night we went for dinner. The last one with the old group.

Ow update on the Western Union: due to safety reasons, the wire transfer did not go through.

In the morning it was time to say goodbye to Jon and Tasha. Sad moment. After 4 weeks of traveling there a nice bound. You rely on each other to be safe along the way. You share the good times. We are lucky since we did not have bad times.

After saying our goodbyes, we went on foot in the city. Wondering around the visits marketplaces. Go back to sites from yesterday. In the barrio of San Telmo we found the street artists performing. Very nice neighborhood.
Overall it was quiet in the streets this had to do with the Bocca Juniors playing. At quite city with the sun out! Beautiful!

12.09.2022 BA - Campo Grande (BR)
Today I am leaving for Brazil. Such a weird feeling. Said goodbye to Michael, Vanessa, Cressida and Daisy. Such a lovey family. I will miss them a lot.

And now my journey alone starts. Mixed feelings at the moment. Grateful that I am able to do this. Sad to say goodbye to my new friends.

Side note:
I feel I could have gotten more out of Argentina. Such a shame the tour did not go through to countryside.

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Good story again. Take care on your own! Happy travelling while hopefully meeting new friends.

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Ik kan hier eigenlijk niet naar kijken, dan wil ik hier weg rennen , tocht van je leven , geniet ervan .

door Peter

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